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Mozi the Suni


Thursday 12th May, a little tiny bundle arrived!  Mozi the first suni which the Tikki Hywood Trust had received was brought to us from Christy Jira. During a trip to Mozambique, they had seen this furry bundle being carried upside down on the side of the road with his legs tied up.  This sight is not uncommon in Mozambique!  Mozi was an amazing little antelope who fought through all the odds until late Saturday 14th May when he passed away in my arms.

Nothing prepares you when you lose an animal.  Even in those few days Mozi’s character started shining through, during the ups and downs. He was one of the few antelopes in my experience, that was eager to groom a fellow being, and seemed to especially relish the salty taste of human skin. Trying to save an orphan who has endured a snare, unknown abuse and more than likely starvation is certainly not easy as one feels quite helpless when they are in pain and you don’t know what more to do.  What man does to his fellow planet dwellers is just criminal.

A little more about Suni Antelope;

Considered to be one of the smallest antelope in Africa, Suni only stand between 35 – 40cm at the shoulder and weighing a mere 5kg. They depend heavily on dense habitat for protection and are therefore under serious threat through habitat loss and encroachment by human development.  Killing by domestic or feral dogs is also huge problem, as well as poaching by snare as they use forest trails.

Please may we appeal to all those of you who may be travelling to and from Mozambique (or anywhere in Zimbabwe for that matter) that if you save any wildlife from the side of the roads, contact us quickly so that together we can help with the survival of these precious creatures .