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African Civet – Civettictis civetta

The African Civet is the largest of the viverridae family, which includes the genet and the mongoose. Due to poaching and the use of the civet’s coat in traditional medicine, as well as fur coats, the African civet is becoming rare.

The civet is a stocky animal with a long narrow body. They have an arched back with short legs and non retractile claws. Along the back the civet has a mane, which when the animal is threatened raises, to give the civet the appearance of being bigger. The teeth of the civet are adapted to carnivorous and omnivorous diets. At the base of their tails, there is a perineal gland which the civet uses to mark their territory. In China, this gland is “milked” for the substance known as civetone, which is used as a fixative in perfumes.p1030783.JPGp1030783.JPG