Monthly Archives: May 2011

Mozi the Suni

Thursday 12th May, a little tiny bundle arrived!  Mozi the first suni which the Tikki Hywood Trust had received was brought to us from Christy Jira. During a trip to Mozambique, they had seen this furry bundle being carried upside down on the side of the road with his legs tied up.  This sight is […]

Changing places…..

A change is as good as a holiday…… How many readers have experience the thrill and or terror of relocating from your home? For animals, there is no difference in how it affects them; some are excited by the change, others frightened by change and the unknown. At the Trust, one of our key factors […]

2011…. what will it bring?

If ever we have to stand together it most certainly has to be for this year 2011.  Only too frequently have I heard that life is a journey – enjoy the ride!  Right now this roller coaster ride which Zimbabwe finds herself on, I fear does not have much enjoyment attached to it.  But what […]

Zebras in the Mist!

It never ceases to amaze me of the strength and resilience of wildlife.  Over this past decade, the animals in Zimbabwe have been under tremendous pressure from man.  The three zebra in the Vumba have been no exception.  Even though the zebra sightings have become a regular part of the trips to the Vumba, we […]

Technological Hiccup!!

Dear Readers… You probably think we have dropped off the planet. Contrary to that, we have in fact been a victim of a technological gremlin attack, neither ourselves or Wildlife Direct aware of the brewing problem. However, the Tikki Hywood Trust may have been silent, bu never inactive! We have so much to fill you […]