Monthly Archives: October 2008

Operation Kariba De-snare!

Dear Readers, Snaring of wildlife is a daily occurrence in Zimbabwe, under these very trying and hungry times. There are many animals who manage to break away from snare’s anchor, but are then left with the snares wires attached to one part of their bodies or another, causing unbelieve pain and damage. Kariba is one […]

Agy – your serval question answered

Dear Readers,  Agy wrote into us via the blog requesting assistance & advice on hand raising two week old serval kittens. We have posted the response here as well for the benefit of all our readers. Hi Agy, Thanks so much for referring to us – hopefully this information we are going to give you […]


Dear Readers Firstly I would like to thank you all for the incredible words of kindness and sympathies towards the tragic loss of Twiza.  To know that her death was for nothing would just been even harder to bear.  As an outcome to her and her son’s snaring, I had a meeting with our Department […]

Mourning Zimbabwe – yet again!

Dear Readers and Friends of Zimbabwe Today is yet another sore day, in Zimbabwe’s history.  I received the below photos of Twiza a giraffe who had been part of a family for the past 11.5 years and of her son who only reached the age of six months old.  Both giraffes were barbarically snared, killed […]

Zimbabwe’s Horizon – Bleak once again!

After playing a waiting game of hope for nearly a year, we have woken up once again to find that what lies in front of us  is not a pretty picture, the hope and the ideas of development, have all but gone.  Instead, there is poverty, hunger, fires, hyper hyper inflation and a very low […]