Monthly Archives: September 2008

More baby hedgehogs!!

Dear Readers, It seems we have hit on a perfect technique for hedgehog breeding in captivity! We are pleased to announce another two arrivals to our hedgehog breeding program, born on Tuesday evening. What has really surprised us with this birth, is that it is our youngest and smallest female who has produced. She is […]

One of the spiky babies…….

Dear Readers, Just a quick note to tell you all that we got a rare opportunity to photograph one of the baby hedgehogs this afternoon. They are six days old today and are doing very well. Mother Jemima is an exceptional mother and we are very happy with the progress of this little family. We […]

Spots and spines…….

Dear Readers, In the time passed since our last blog we have experienced a rapid seasonal change here in Zimbabwe. Firstly, the August winds picked up which was to be expected, heralding the new season and blowing away all the dead leaves and dust. Whether it is the air of expectation or simply the noise, […]