Monthly Archives: June 2008

Thank You For Your Concerns

On behalf of us at the Tikki Hywood Trust and the wildlife in Zimbabwe, we would like to sincerely thank you for your support, concerns and prayers.  We all await with baited breath as to what the future will hold for all of us here.  No matter what the road, we will continue with the plight of […]

Eve of Zimbabwe’s Elections

It is the eve before elections or should I say re-elections here in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe, a country whose soils run red with the blood of so many animals and humans lives wastefully taken. I struggle to understand, the purpose, of all of this blood shed. A week ago, I was told “that nature is forgiving”. […]

Nyashe – Thank You

On behalf of both myself and all of us who were involved with Nyashe, we would like to sincerely thank you, the readers of our blog, for your amazing concern and kind words toward our very sad story, regarding Nyashe. We can only hope that through this sadness, there will one of these days (hopefully […]

May God forgive us.

This story is one of true sadness. On Wednesday 18 June 2008, I received an urgent call from The Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, saying that yet another white rhino mother had been poached and had left a young orphan calf behind. Instantly Dr Astrid Huelin and I collected all the drugs […]

Update on Arwen and the babies

Dear Readers, It is a month since Arwen gave birth to Evenstar and Quickbeam. In a country where chaos reigns it is amazing to see this precious gift to the world in the form of two perfect little furry bundles. It never ceases to amaze me just how much there is to learn, each animal […]

Kimba Melu – A story about a little elephant

Due to the current situation here in Zimbabwe, wildlife continues to be under threat. Each and everyday brings with it another tale of unrest and lawlessness. On 15 May 08, Kimba Melu an orphan female elephant had to be moved from the Mavuradohna release site (one of the release sites for the Tikki Hywood Trust […]