Monthly Archives: April 2008

Frodo’s Release – News Flash

      The Tikki Hywood Trust is delighted to report that Frodo is now in the final stage of being released. On the 12 April 2008, Frodo was sedated, for what we hope will be the last time in his life and fitted with a radio collar. Once he was crated, Frodo travelled to […]

All creatures small and smaller…….

Dear Readers, Something very exciting is happing for us at the Trust – Lisa is currently in the southern part of the country preparing a very special young serval for release. You may or may not recall a young male serval we talked about in a past newsletter  (Dec 07) who was hit by a car. Frodo has undergone several major surgeries in an effort to fix a broken leg. He is […]

Zimbabwe – We Are Still Here!

March 2008 will be burnt into the minds and hearts of many Zimbabwean’s all around the world. Once again Zimbabwe and her people sit in the abeyance whilst history is made. We sit in fear and anticipation, awaiting an outcome, which can be one of two things; to be given the ability of dreaming once […]