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Dear Readers Please note that we are having technological problems with up loading photos of our animals onto the Blog. Bear with us and please do not stop reading about our creatures – they need your support!

Introducing our Southern African hedgehogs

Dear Readers, Our supporters have been introduced to our serval breeding and release program. In due course we will introduce the African wild cat program to you. But today we would like to talk about a much lesser known species who due to the decline of habitat, being killed by domestic pets as well as […]

Replying to Comments re Serval

Hi Readers, many thanks once again for your comments re our projects. It is truly inspiring to see so many outside people who continue being interested in what is happening in Zimbabwe. To try and answer some of the questions posed. We have to date released 16 serval, 7 females and 9 males. Tigger died […]

Brief Individual Serval Histories

Muffet : Received in April 2000 and released in June 2006 at Stone Hills Sanctuary, Marula. Tigger: Received in April 2000, littermate to Muffet, released in August 2004 on Cawston Ranch. Tom Cat: Received as an adult male problematic animal from ostrich farm. Received in 2000 and was soft released on Triandra in 2000. Bakita: […]

Introducing the Tikki Hywood Trust Serval Program

What is the status of serval in Zimbabwe? Why did the Tikki Hywood Trust start a serval breeding and release program? Dear Readers, These are two questions that we are commonly asked by people who hear about the Trust’s work. The true status of serval population in Zimbabwe has not been properly documented, but we […]

Civet versus Genet

AFRICAN CIVET AND LARGE-SPOTTED GENET A common misconception about these animals is that they are often referred to as cats. They are not cats however they are members of the largest and most diverse group of carnivores – viverridae. Their relatives include all members of the mongoose family as well as meerkats. There are in […]